Small Business Saturday

This year, Shahana Jewels celebrates 7 years in business! So, I have a lot to be thankful for. 

Gratitude decreases feelings of panic and can help us think more creatively about our challenges and how we can solve them. Owning a small business is hard work, but being grateful helps me to stay present and proactive. Here’s a short list of what I am grateful for in my business!


I’m grateful that I can make decisions with my husband Ben, about our business.

This sometimes happens in bed or over breakfast (mostly over food). Being a small business means there is not as much red tape as with a large organization - unless we’re talking about Ben refusing to let me keep a pair of earrings!  He doesn’t budge (pretends to) on that one, but after lots of negotiating he usually gives in.

I’m grateful for my retailers.

Getting into retail is tough. And when something is important to you, you must treat it with kindness, and dignity and love. I always look for ways to support my retailers. And when you support them, you support me too!

  • Auckland Museum Store
  • The Jewel Box Matakana
  • MENA
  • Adriana's Boutique
  • Tanoa Dateline Hotel

I’m grateful for my SJ Tribe

Just because I own a business and work my ass off doing it, doesn’t mean that I expect my jewellery to be on everybody’s wish list. That would be ideal, but that’s not how business works. Every business caters to a niche audience, and my SJ girls are the bomb! They refer us to their friends, show us social media love, and choose to buy from my small business - I am forever grateful to these ladies. We have a private Facebook group, and I celebrate them by showcasing new jewels to them before advertising to the general public. You can join here.


I’m grateful for the Pacific

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m as passionate about the Pacific as I am passionate about pearls. I am fiercely proud to be a Pacific woman (born and raised in Fiji over here) and preserving Pacific culture is as important to me as creating beautiful jewels that you will love. Without the Pacific, quite literally (that’s where our pearls are harvested) and figuratively there would be no Shahana Jewels. Every ring or necklace I design can somehow be tied back to my identity. And since our collections are all about complimenting your identity as a woman, I think that’s pretty cool.

I’m grateful for my nail tech, “Trixi Szabo”

You’ve seen my nails, and chances are, you’ve complimented me on them! I used to be a nail technician, which should explain my passion for great nail art, but I take no credit. Trixi does such a wonderful job each time I see her (support and follow her on Instagram), and if I receive as much interest in my jewels as I do my nails, I will die a successful woman!