• The Magnificent Pearl Month


    What is it about an interview that can reduce a usually confident woman to nervousness and anxiety?
    Your self-talk soundtrack going into overdrive, sweaty palms, shortness of breath.


    Regardless of how much confidence or poise you usually have, an interview can change all of this.
    Something that is true of everyone.


    I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine who was in this very situation.
    She was going for an interview for a head of role at a new company.
    Despite doing all of her research, she still felt nervous on the day.


    So she did what any woman in this situation does:
    Chose a kick-ass outfit, killer shoes and the absolute cherry on the cake,
    a statement piece of jewellery.

    In this case, it was a simple set of pearls.


    Our clothes, our sense of style acts as an armour.
    They give us confidence when we need it most.


    This June, I want to thank you all for your support, and give you something
    that I hope will be a little piece of confidence whenever you need it.


    With every purchase made throughout the month of June,
    you’ll get this specially designed pearl pendant with a sterling silver chain
    completely free, to help you keep being the kick-ass woman you are.

    Posted by Shehana Kimiangatau
  • Pinktober in Fiji

    I’m so proud and excited to collaborate with the Fiji Cancer Society for Pinktober. PINKTOBER is a month-long awareness campaign on the risks, early detection, and prevention of Breast Cancer. And if you don’t yet have plans to support the initiative, I come with good news...

    Posted by Shehana Kimiangatau
  • Introducing our Cancer Collection

    This year we have partnered with the Fiji Cancer Society to raise awareness, to help with patient care, to help procurement of medical supplies. Their motto “No one fights alone” is a reminder that regardless if you're 10 years in remission, or currently in the toughest part of your fight, you are not alone.

    Posted by Shehana Kimiangatau