Happy Mother's Day

Hey, you made it! 
Hands up if you thought you were going to reach for your broom and teach your kids a lesson before Mother’s day came around this year?! LOL.
God willing, Mother’s day is a day of family, food and jewellery in your household! But between the Whatsapp chain messages, Facebook collage photos, and the one meal your hubby can make without burning the house down, I hope you’ll take a little time for you this week. 
Sit outside in your garden with your favourite drink, a book or a magazine. Reflect on the past 365 days, and how they have made you stronger, wiser, and maybe a little bit chubbier over the last few weeks! 
Take some time to laugh at your mistakes, and let them go.
Celebrate your achievements, and set new goals. 
Forgive yourself for the times you think you’ve failed your children, or yourself.
Watch your favourite TV show in your new jewellery (if you haven’t picked up some of our Mother's day hoops yet, there’s still time - grab yours here). 
Put on all of your jewellery, just for the fun of it. 
If you have grown up children, sympathise with those who still have toddlers in the home, they need it! Haha.
Share your pearls of wisdom with your kids, and let them know you appreciate them, even if they ran to K-Mart at 11pm to grab your Mother’s day gift. We will teach them how to shop Shahana Jewels soon. 
We’ve all had a hectic few weeks, and of course, in true mum fashion, you have kept the household running. Even on the days when the washing wasn’t done, or you didn’t feel like baking up a storm, your presence was filled with love and care that only a mother can bring to a home. 
And for that, we celebrate you, today, and always.