Merry Christmas

Christmas at our house is pretty much like Christmas at the office! There are cookies and decorations, but the show must go on!

Ben and l have adjusted well to being Santa's not-so-little helpers over the festive season, so we get the carols going in October and take down the tree a little later than l like to admit!

We have friends and family scattered all over the world, so we do have more 'alone’ time than most couples our age. I spend the extra hours reflecting on the year, planning for what's ahead and thinking about the next Shahana Jewels collection!

I think there's something really special about observing quiet moments at such a busy time of year. It creates balance, especially for those of us who are busy career woman, wives, mothers and stakeholders in our communities.

Take some time this season to escape to a solitary place where you can complete your gratitude practice, eat the last bowl of dessert and update your Shahana Jewels Wishlist

Merry Christmas!