To Mum, With Love

I love my Mum.

She displayed the qualities of a Mum so clearly in my life that it was quite easy
and natural for me to identify with and celebrate the Mother figures in my life.

I have so many to thank! My Aunties, my Mother-in-law, and my Girlfriend's Mums
- so blessed! 


What l love about my Mum the most, is that she left a tangible legacy.

As her daughter, following in her footsteps and learning from her journey was simple,
because she demonstrated in actions (and words), the values l live by today.
I didn't have to look for inspiration elsewhere. l found it at home - in my Mum. 

Even though she is not with me today, l feel her presence everyday.
It's in the decisions l make, the thoughts that keep me up at night,
and the things I like to fill my days with. I have habits, that remind me,
and my Father, that l am certainly my Mother's daughter! 


I am grateful to my Mum for setting me up for life
- it's truly the best gift a Mother can give her daughter.