What Feminism Means To Me

What Feminism means to me..

Feminism does not mean I hate men.

Feminism does not mean that there is one way to be a woman.

Feminism does not mean that I live my life with a fist up and a placard in hand.

Feminism does not mean that I am a keyboard warrior, or that I shove my opinion down people’s throats.


To me, feminism means all the things my mother taught me.


Feminism is the relationship I have with my girlfriends, and the unspeakable connection I share with the unknown women I lock eyes with when I am out and about.


Feminism is the laughs I share with the ladies in my businesses VIP group, it is the joy within which we share life experiences, both good and bad, and bond over jewellery made by women just like us.


Feminism means that when you do well, I am in your Facebook or inbox or on the phone to congratulate you.


Feminism means that when you set a goal, it becomes my goal too.


Feminism means that you deserve a seat at the table, not because you are a woman, but because you are damn good at what you do!


Feminism means making tough decisions which might disappoint some people - even people you love. Feminism means taking calculated risks and fighting for a life you love.

Today is International Women’s Day, and while for some, it may be the “same rituals, different year” type of thing, I wanted to encourage you to think about what feminism means to you.


Feminism is not a nasty word. And no one gets to interpret what it means for you, but you. Before this day is over, think about what feminism feels like, looks like, and tastes like, for you.


Is it shouting words of affirmation to a female runner on your morning commute (this is definitely Shehana style), or taking care of someone’s groceries when you have the means? Is feminism starting a self-care activity at your job, or pursuing that promotion you’ve been after?


Whatever feminism means to you, go for it.