A Tribute to my Mother

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A Tribute to my Mother

A tribute to my mother

My Mother was of Chinese and Italian decent, a confident and very passionate woman.

She wasn’t afraid to wear statement jewelry, bright colors, and majority of the time always wore bright lipstick. This influenced my confidence as a woman to be visible and comfortable in who I am, what I wear, and how I wear Jewellery. 

My Mother was a very generous Woman.  The type of women that brought gifts for the neighbours children at Christmas and not to mention her need to cook for the majority of neighbours.

She was an amazing cook, and despite there being only three of us in our household she would cook for at least 10 people, something that annoyed my Dad and I but we knew better to not say anything.

In our culture if you ran out of food while people were over, it was a huge embarrassment so Mum would cook for 10 to avoid that from happening. We never ran out of food even when we had unannounced guests. If she was cooking a favourite dish, and knew of someone who loved that dish she would say “give so and so a call to come over for dinner” or we can drop a plate off for them.

She loved making people happy and doing little things for them. Her laughter was so infectious to those around her that everyone loved spending time with her. A comical woman she would have you laughing every time and no matter how hard times got she always had a smile on her face.

I remember my Grandfather, a very strict man telling me that no matter how hard he tried, he could never be angry at my mother for long.

Culture and tradition was so important to her that she learnt my Dads Indian culture. Something I try to do with my husband’s Cook Island culture so that one day I can teach our kids. She learnt how to speak Hindi and how to cook Indian food, sometimes even better than Indians themselves. If you spoke to her on the phone you would think you were speaking to an Indian lady, it wasn’t until she was standing in front of you would you realize that she wasn’t.  I think that’s how she showed her love for dad.

Like all mothers, her goal was to make me an independent, confident and strong woman that knew who she was and what she wanted at all times. Strictest out of her siblings I’m so grateful that she was.

When I look back at my life as a teenager, I understand why I wasn’t allowed to do some of the outrageous things I thought I was old enough to do and why there was so many rules.  Only now do I realize (I get it mum) you were right!

Which brings me to Mum’s love and passion for Jewellery.  Her love for Jewellery really rubbed off on me.  If she could wear all her Jewellery everyday she would.
Mum in her indian saree & pearls.

My husband and I have a little giggle to ourselves every now and then saying “If mum was alive we would catch her in my office wearing all the Cook Island pearls” and we’d never make any sales, as she’d most likely want to keep all the Jewellery for herself. I can just see her wearing black pearls with a big grin on her face.

As a child I loved watching her face light up every time she’d put on her Jewellery, it’s almost as if she transformed into a super woman.

This is a vivid and special feeling that I treasure and have never forgotten, something I want to share with women that wear my Jewellery.

Despite being terminally ill, whenever I bought a new piece of Jewellery her eyes would always light up and off course she would want to try it on and see how it looked on her.  She was my best friend and it wasn’t until she wasn’t around that I truly understood why she did the things she did for me.

Isn’t it funny when you’re young the last person you want to become is your mother, today I would be honored to be half the women that she was.

Thank you mum

I love and miss you everyday,

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