Introducing Vanessa

Introducing Vanessa

Everyone has a favourite cousin - the one you grew up with, the one that's more like a best friend than a family member. For me, that is Vanessa.

Family means everything to my cousin Vanessa, and everything she does, she does in the favour of others. She's the cousin that's always there no matter what and she has a beautiful personality that shines through in whatever she does.

Career driven and extremely smart, she is always supportive of everyone around her, and her fun-loving attitude towards life has the ability to always lift your spirits. 

This bracelet is designed to be just as eccentric as she is, to remind you that there is always someone there for you, no matter what.

You are loved. Don't ever forget it.

Made with pretty pink jade beads and finished with a cute little tassle, Vanessa's bracelet is perfect for summer. Featuring dainty heart charms, it also makes a perfect gift for the Vanessa in your life. 

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