Who will be your Valentine?

Who will be your Valentine?

Yesterday while uttering death threats under my breath, crawling bumper to bumper in Auckland’s blood boiling traffic, I had an epiphany. It had been over a decade since I last worked at the Airport, and where I first met Jess.

Jess who I convinced to buy her first pair of Jeans; she was 20! I know right? 

With fathers almost like penguin dads that were extremely over-protective and hands-on (or should that be “wings-on?) in caring for their chicks we were always looking for ways to release the bad-ass in us. Partners in crime, we would plan killer junk nights where we would binge on Domino’s pizzas and everything that had sugar till we were sick in the stomach. On good days and bad days we would buy a single Gebra sprinkled with glitter for each other. We were inseparable. I wouldn’t be me without her, and this got me thinking - Isn’t that what makes friendship one of the most important gifts we can ever share? 

Maybe like me, you have a partner in crime. Someone that makes your life a little better.

This could be that special friend who you do everything with, your mum, a gym buddy - maybe for you, it’s a work colleague. Whoever it may be, why not surprise them this Valentines Day with a little bit of love to remind them just how much of an important part they play in your life.

Valentines is all about sharing the love, and this year we’re issuing our own special 3 step challenge to you! 

1. Pick someone who makes your life a little better just by being in it, and choose them to be your Valentine. Of course, this person could be your partner, but we want to encourage you to think outside of the box. 

2. Avoid stressing last minute by getting organised and sorting a present in advance.

3. Choose and think about gifting something that holds some special meaning that will completely surprise your Valentine.

Sharing the love? Be sure to share it with us too! Show us how you spoil your Valentine this year with the hashtag #SharingShahana, and be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook for our gift guide as well as some awesome deals to help you out this February."

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