What's Your Favourite Gemstone?

I have worked with gemstones for over 4 years now, and being fascinated with them all my life. I am often asked what my favourite gemstones are. Being surrounded by the beauty of natural gemstones makes it hard to choose just one - but I would have to mention Labradorite as one of the first few gemstones that I truly fell in love with.  



What most people don't know is that Labradorites are known for their mystical appearance. Just like pearls, no two Labradorite stones are alike. At first, it may seem like an ordinary looking rock, but with the slightest tilt, it's beautiful flashes of colourful light are revealed - white, grey, light blue, light green, pale orange, red or black - usually with a strong multicoloured display of purple, blue and green.



With their wide array of iridescent colours, it is hard not to be attracted to them. My favourite varieties to work with are those with the blue to green flash which gives them a mystical feature. The beautiful organic textures in each stone complements my nature-inspired pieces perfectly.  I always recommend this stone since it's iridescent qualities and wide array of colours within each labradorite makes it extremely versatile when it comes to your clothing colour palette.




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