Claire Necklace

Her green fingers untangled the vines in her garden. Giving everything an opportunity to breathe again.  Pretty shades of green subtly sing in this short Tahitian pearl necklace strand. Wear them when you want to feel grounded and connected to Mother Nature.  8mm to 10mm  45cm Sterling silver clasp

$3,500.00 NZD

Caroline Necklace

She had worked for years to get to this point. The top. Smashed through every glass ceiling, balanced two lives. She celebrated with a glass of champagne and a quiet moment alone. Savouring her success.  Perfect circular pearls sit on this short strand. Touched by sky blue shades for extra...

$7,200.00 NZD

Bella Necklace

Her heart was still for the first time in a long time. The anxious thoughts that raced through her mind came to a close. She had been waiting for this. Practising. Repeating the phrase ‘everything is good.’ Oval and round opalescent Tahitian pearls on a long strand. Glittering with pinks,...

$6,600.00 NZD

Audrey Necklace

Her light feet danced on a wind which soared in from a foreign land. They could hear the soft thud. It called to them from afar. Endless magnetic drumming.  A lingeringly long string of dark Tahitian pearls, which shimmer with touches of pinks and blues. Let its length dangle over...

$18,500.00 NZD

Anna Necklace

Her wholeness was a witness to nature. She had learned over time to love each part of herself, and the Earth could feel it. It breathed in tandem with her.  A single string of radiant pearls hued with greens, pinks and blues. Wear the Anna Tahitian pearl strand with a...

$3,500.00 NZD

Alice Pearl Strand

She is a mystery. An intangible puzzle of thoughts which spill out sporadically around the people she loves. Something special they knew.  A short string of Tahitian pearls which would look perfect underneath a simple white blouse.  12mm to 14 mm round pearls Gold clasp 42cm long    

$9,800.00 NZD