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Whether you are shopping online for the first time, or want to spend big $$$ on a pearl strand, I want you to know your options and have 100% control of your online shopping experience - so let’s talk! I want you to not only look good, but feel reassured about your purchase and am happy to guide you through this process.  Below you can book a consultation with me to have a good old fashioned girl chat about life, confidence, and your favourite piece of jewellery you have been dreaming of.

As an experienced designer and plus size woman - I also understand the concerns you may have about whether my jewellery will fit you, and which pearls suit your face, your hands, wrists or your gorgeous neckline. 

During our appointment, I will share my tips and tricks with you so you feel confident and excited about the pink parcel that will be delivered to your door after you pick your pearl! This will include advice on which items to purchase, or how you can style your pieces once they arrive. Want to hula and talk about our favourite food? We can do that too!

How it works

Private appointments require a minimum spend of $250. Below you can select the date and time of your appointment, and you will be required to pay a deposit of $250 to complete your booking. This deposit will be subtracted from your final bill once you’ve decided which piece or pieces you would like to purchase. Appointments are 30 minutes each and take place on Zoom or Skype for your convenience. 

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    24/7 support

  • Warranty

    1-Year Limited Warranty

$250.00 NZD

What is gold filled?

Gold filled layer is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plating as gold filled literally has 100% more gold than gold plating. Although a gold filled piece of jewellery is not solid gold, it has the same desirable properties and look of solid gold.

Why choose Gold Filled Jewellery?
• It has longevity and is very durable.
• It is tarnish resistant and will not flake, rub off or change colour.
• It is safe for those with allergies as it is 100% lead free, cadmium free and nickel free.