Cancer Changed My Life And Helped Me Start A Business

As some of you may or may not know, my story is deeply linked to my mum’s story. She passed away from cancer when she was 42. Back then the doctors in Fiji couldn’t adequately diagnose her. Whilst I was grieving I wished that she had had the chance to do more of the things that she loved. It was her passing that set me on the journey I am still on today; and how Shahana Jewels came to be. 

Every year I am proud to collaborate with the Fiji Cancer Society to design a piece of jewellery specifically for Pinktober. This piece is donated to the Cancer Society to sell, and every single cent goes towards their research and the care of their members. 

I am thrilled to announce that this year, we are extending our campaign to Samoa as well as Fiji and for the first time ever (!) the bracelet will be available to buy online. 

So for all of you ladies who want to make a difference but aren’t able to get to the islands themselves, there’s now no excuse! 

The contributions from this piece make an enormous impact. I recently heard from the Fiji Cancer Society that some of their patients don’t even have the bus fare to get to their treatments. It’s amazing to know that what we do, what we buy, can hugely affect someone’s life. 

The bracelet I designed this year has a single Tahitian pearl surrounded by two charms. One charm is engraved with the symbol of the Pacific Islands - a single frangipani flower. The other is engraved with the pink ribbon that is synonymous with Pinktober. A reminder of all the good that can come from the purchase of this piece. 

Make the next addition to your collection really count.
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Shehana Kimiangatau