Sustainable Pearl Jewellery


"I am a firm believe that beautiful jewellery should not impact the environment. We have enough gold & silver above ground, we don't need to keep mining for more"

- Shehana Kimiangatau, Designer & Founder


All of our pearls are sustainably cultivated in French Polynesia and come from a tiny island called Mangareva where only 1,239 people live. Each pearl is cultivated by the local community and handpicked by me, which means that whenever you buy a piece of my jewellery you help to support the people in Mangareva.

I quality check every single pearl, making sure that the lustre, shape, size and colour are perfect for you. No two pearls are the same, so you can be assured that your pearl is completely unique, just like you.

Recycled Precious Metals

Once upon a time the word ‘recycled’ used to be met with a certain amount of condescension. People would look down their noses at those who recycled, who repurposed old goods or mended and darned their old clothes.We now know better. Sustainability is absolutely vital for the protection and progression of our planet. 

Fewer goods lead to less waste and less waste leads to a reduction in carbon emissions. These are important steps to reversing climate change.You may not realise it but I’ve actually been using recycled gold and silver for years. I am a firm believer that beautiful jewellery absolutely should not impact the environment. We have enough gold and silver above ground, we don’t need to keep mining for more.

The process of refining

Gold and silver are actually perfect for recycling. Unlike plastic, which can only be recycled so many times before it starts to deteriorate, gold and silver can be refined. This process means that the precious metal can be made pure again. 

We strip all of the dirt and other alloys out of it so we can reuse the metal to create something new. Sort of like a phoenix rising out of the ashes.

What this means for our jewellery

What it really means for our jewellery is not much at all! The recycled pieces you wear are indistinguishable from newly mined metals. The only difference is that they are not damaging the planet. Which is a very big difference in my opinion. 

All of the metals I use in my designs can be traced back to a sustainable source, which means you can keep looking fabulous without worrying about the impact of your jewellery on our beautiful planet.