The SJ Difference

"When a woman feels good about herself, she has the power to change the world."

- Shehana Kimiangatau, Designer & Founder

Shahana jewels jewellery is never just jewellery. It's our gateway to empowering women. Here's what's so different about our approach to jewellery:

Our collections, our marketing, our passionate social mandate – SJ is about so much more than our jewels!

Our pieces tell our stories, connect us, and hold profound meaning as each one is a reminder of our resilient roots and the powerful sisterhood at our backs!

And through our collections, we are giving back to the Pacific and women’s causes closest to our hearts. With Mission-Centred operations and spotlights on important topics, we are proving the power and necessity of leading with a Big Heart!

Our community – our Tribe – of strong, gorgeous, Pearl Queens is at the very heart of everything we do.

We’re about celebrating the diverse nature of all women. Just like our natural pearls, our women are delightfully one-of-a-kind! We reflect and showcase REAL natural beauty through our collections, photography, styles, and sizes. Our sisters in the SJ Tribe are our muses, our models, and our reason for being!

All the while, our designs are creating culture

We’re blending our timeless cultural traditions with unique and empowering modern designs, making SJ jewels a living, breathing tribute to the Pacific Community! It’s an incredible and joyful responsibility we’re taking to build upon our roots and continue to create a strong – worthy – story-filled modern heritage.

And finally, yes Gorgeous! We are ADDICTED to pearls! 

Non-stop reveals! Unique, stunning, collectable designs! And personalised, expert service so that each piece satisfies your love of pearls. Because there’s a Dream Pearl Collection meant for every Queen!

When you wear Shahana Jewels, you’re empowering women, joining a sisterhood, connecting to your roots, and celebrating ALL of who you are!

All on top of absolutely radiating – inside and out – in your gorgeous Tahitian pearls.