sister, just imagine them all around you...

strong, loud, passionate jewellery lovers

These are the extraordinary women who have always filled my life. 

Making the ordinary Extra. Taking chances, laughing often, celebrating other strong women… And always, always, wearing jewellery! 

I was caught up in the force of them! Their voices, lessons, and laughter all around me, making me: Shehana Kimiangatau. Entrepreneur, advocate, and of course, Pearl Queen

The lessons from these women stayed with me.

My grandmother, a solo mum with seven kids, learned through experience that women improve their lives and families’ lives through financial independence. And she instilled this idea and insisted I amplify it until every woman felt empowered to live to the fullest.

And at 23, I lost my mum. Yes, life is definitely short. I grieved for the time and the life she never had – feeling trapped because she lacked the financial independence she needed to change her life.

Losing her became a fierce reminder we all need: That life is meant to be lived in FULL bloom. Now. WE are the occasion! And we are worthy – perfectly imperfect, just as we are.

I believe that, when a woman chooses herself, she sends a message to the universe that she is worthy of everything she desires. 

In 2011, I met a pearl farmer. I got swept up in the memories of bustling jewellery shops in Fiji with my mum as a child  – admiring the hands, necks, and ears of my aunties I loved so much. And I was amazed to learn the stories of women pearl farmers whose passion and perseverance had allowed them to take control of their financial lives!

And I knew…

I created SJ to honour the women who break the rules, create their own intentions, and live life to the fullest. And to stay connected to all of those loud, laughing, supportive generations of strong women supporting each other.

SJ means Pearls that empower

Women. Confidence. Communities. Queens!

We want our pearls and our Tribe to be a legacy worthy of the strong Island women who inspire us.

Proudly embodying the spirit of the Pacific.

Raising each other up, and raising up the volume on a fully lived life!