I was 23 years old when my mum passed away.
She was only 42.

While grieving I wished that...


That she did more of the things that she loved.

That she looked after herself more.

That she put herself ahead of us every now and then.


I didn't want to have those regrets one day.


I wanted to work for myself.

I didn’t want to be committed to a nine to five job.

I wanted to do the things I wanted to do, on my own terms.


And so I started a business


And another one.

And another one.

It’s been 14 years, entrepreneurship is hard work, but I refused to live a life I did not love.

I began a fearless pursuit of inner happiness and fulfillment - taking calculated risks along the way. 


I planned. I researched.


I learned everything there was to know about my work and the work I still wanted to do.

I was inspired by my mother, to be the woman I am today.


She taught me to...


To stand on my own feet.

To know what I want.

To love my family and to always give back.

My mother was the type of person that would buy Christmas gifts for the neighbour’s kids.

She’d invite them for dinner, or send food for families down the road, she’d remember your birthday and care for you the way that she cared for my dad and me.


Celebrating her life has made me passionate about helping women to:


To look after their future.

To look after themselves.

To look after their families.

One is not more important than the other, and it is possible to do all three - with time to shop!


It involves...




Hard work.


And bold, unique jewellery that celebrates (and reminds you of) every step along the way.