Step one

Keep them gunk-free. Cosmetics, sunblock, perfume and hairspray can dramatically dull the lustre, as can your body oils and perspiration. 

Chemicals such as bleach, sulphur and detergents can also erode the gems, leaving them dull.

I quality check every single pearl, making sure that the lustre, shape, size and colour are perfect for you. No two pearls are the same, so you can be assured that your pearl is completely unique, just like you.

Step two

Avoid wearing jewellery while swimming (chlorine, fresh or saltwater) or activities involving water.

Step three

Avoid cleaning agents and regularly wipe with a soft, damp cloth after wearing. 

If need be, use clean warm water with a cloth and make sure the metals are dried out afterwards.

Step four

Store correctly. Get into the habit of storing your jewellery correctly will ensure that it has a long life. 

Keep your jewellery in a soft pouch or soft lined jewellery box.