For reasons such as these, it's extremely important when purchasing pearls to be absolutely certain of the meaning of any descriptive terms used by the seller. If possible, ask for an Authenticity Card. Reputable Jewellers will be happy to comply with such a request. Only in this way will you be able to determine if the price the seller is asking is reasonable.


I love, love, pearls, but let’s face it, buying pearl jewellery can be expensive. I received my first pearl jewellery from my great grandmother, and they were the plastic kind that ended up peeling and ruining your outfit! LOL. That is not what we sell at Shahana Jewels and because I appreciate you spending your hard earned money with us, instead of the local takeaway, I wanted to share seven things that influence the value, and subsequently, the price of your pearls! All of the things I am about to mention are influenced by rarity, if pearls are rarer, that probably means you paid or will pay a higher price for it!