THE SJ Tribe is the space to laugh, let go and show off your unbreakable spirit and your treasured pearls!


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Connect with the women behind the pieces.


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A tribe is as important as our pieces

Come, You look stunning, gorgeous

We believe jewellery connects us – to our heritage, to ourselves, and to each other!
And in this world right now, we need connection more than ever.

Our jewels have created a sacred place of sisterhood.

The SJ Tribe – where we're all about embracing our feminine power, having a good laugh, and loving life like there's no tomorrow!

Where putting on our pearls is like rallying a whole community behind us.

A strong Tribe of women who dare to be real, be EXTRA, and celebrate our diverse nature, strength, and heritage. 

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence

(And, Queens, we know pearls are a close second!) With the SJ Tribe at our backs – we are capable of anything! Together, we conquer any challenge that comes our way with a flick of our hair and a wink of our eye.

This tribe is in full glow. Full volume. Full bloom

We work hard, and love harder. We give back. And we choose ourselves – connected to our inner magic, expressing our unique styles, and wearing whatever makes us happy. Often, our pearls take higher priority than our make-up!

We celebrate the thousand beautiful things waiting for us

And we take great care in savouring even the simplest moments in our lives… with flowers in our hair, peace in our souls, and love in our hearts…

Because Queens, you ARE the occasion! Radiant, inside and out!

Our pieces are named after you – the women who take on the world and remind us that – YES – we deserve to have it all! Turn your volume up and turn hers up louder!

“Shahana is not just about the jewellery you purchase. You become part of a group of friends that empower, encourage, and support each other. She encourages self love and confidence to be your authentic self without any apology.”
— Jacqui Crawley
“It is so much more than just accessories. SJ represents a confident, empowered and elegant woman who helps other women grow in their own unique ways!”
— Kymberly Herman
“Love Love Love all things that are SJ Tribe. Amazing Pearls, magnificent pieces, wonderful people!”
— Lunn-Hung Matai

We're waiting for you, sister - extraordinary you!

We'd love for you to join us.

Unleash your magic on the world!