Pinktober In Fiji

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related mortality amongst women in Fiji?  In 2017, the country’s youngest breast cancer victim died at the age of only 17. One of the worst cases was presented during a pregnancy!

Youth and pregnancy are to be happy times for women just like you and me. And while Breast Cancer affects everyone: brothers, husbands, fathers, children, friends, us ladies have a unique opportunity to support the cause by doing something we love - shopping!

I’m so proud and excited to collaborate with the Fiji Cancer Society for Pinktober.

PINKTOBER is a month-long awareness campaign on the risks, early detection, and prevention of Breast Cancer. And if you don’t yet have plans to support the initiative, I come with good news!

I am in Fiji as you read this, yup, I flew all this way because I am truly passionate about bringing adequate care and awareness to underserved communities. Creating awareness and providing access to basic health care costs money, so I’ve designed two very beautiful pieces of jewellery which are inspired by the surviving heroes and in memory of those who have left their heroic legacy in our hearts. Every time a Rose Quartz Medallion Necklace or Bracelet is purchased, 100% of the sale price will go to charity. This is a small donation from Shahana Jewels, and by supporting our efforts, you are taking the message of early detection and treatment to people who need it most.

How awesome is it that we can use our fashion choices to affect change?!

If you want your next purchase to make a difference SHOP HERE


Shehana Kimiangatau