Tips For Travelling With Jewellery

Regardless of whether it's for business or pleasure, most of us have to travel. Personally, I have travelled for years and have learnt the tricks on how to store jewellery. I use pouches for my expensive pieces and ziplock bags for not so expensive pieces and using this method has seen my pieces last for a long time. 

No matter where you are travelling to a work conference, a family holiday, to an exotic getaway or just a few hours drive away - here are some handy tips on how to store and travel with your jewellery so that they stay safe and undamaged.


Necklaces, bracelets, anklets & bangles

A statement, dainty or bold - necklaces feature heavily in every women's jewellery collection. They add drama and oomph to any outfit. Keep your necklaces organised and tangle-free by passing the delicate chain through a sipping straw and locking the chain. This will keep them separated and organised. If the necklace is more of a chunky piece, you can use tissue paper to keep them separate and in place. Place jewellery in a ziplock bag or in a separate compartment in your baggage for organisation.





Travelling with earrings can be tricky as they are small and come in a pair. Keep them intact by locking them through a big coat button. You can also use old candy tin boxes or mint boxes to store dainty pieces. But if you are travelling with multiple sets then use a daily pill box with designated compartments for everyday pills or in this case, earring pairs. This way you can be organised in what you are wearing to suit your outfit for each day or more importantly, keep the pairs together.



Safety tips

- Carry your jewellery pieces with you either in your handbag or cabin luggage - especially if you are flying. You do not want to spend your vacation trying to track down a lost bag which was last seen in the luggage compartment.

- Be organised. Take the stress out by only travelling with pieces you know you will wear.

- Keep your expensive jewellery safe by investing in a jewellery organiser. These roll pouches have different compartments for all of your pieces. They come in all styles and colours. Just roll  your jewellery and store. Perfect if you have a suitcase with no compartments.


Shehana Kimiangatau