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I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas since I arrived in NZ and I'm still waiting!!! 🤣Winter is my favourite season so every year I like to enjoy the cozy weather and pretend it’s Christmas in July. 🎄🎄🎄

This month I knew I wanted to do some kind of Secret Santa here in the tribe so we can feel the spirit and have a bit of fun before working on our summer bodies. Lol. 🙄 But not an ordinary Secret Santa girl. We’re doing it SJ style…

After some brainstorming and loads of ideas…I’m so excited to tell you about our pearl mystery box. 

It is a subscription box that I will be making up especially for the ladies here in the tribe who want to change up their look and have something special to look forward to at the end of the month. 

And if you are wondering, a subscription box is simply a service where you pay a subscription fee (usually monthly)  and get a whole bunch of goodies for a cheaper price than you would if you purchased them individually.

So here’s the deal:

You will get 2 mystery pearl surprises for only $280!! Most of our pieces start at $280 each - so that’s a minimum of 50% off your order just for signing up. Woohoo! 

Does this sound like something you’d love to give yourself or someone you love? Well - pre-orders are now open and I’m throwing in an extra surprise for the first five ladies who claim their box. 😉

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