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Whenever I travel to Tahiti to visit our pearl farmers, it’s like a working holiday. 

And along with their majestic pearls and chic resorts, I love the French lace you can find in Tahiti. The lace adds such a luxurious quality to our Polynesian fabrics and clothing designs and I wanted to bring the same feeling to the pieces in my new French Lace Collection. No matter which island you come from, I wanted to capture the nostalgia and beauty of waking up in paradise and making every day feel like a celebration of self love. 


When I think of this collection, I am reminded of when my girlfriends and I were single. We still wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day and would spoil ourselves and each other with flowers, chocolates, and champagne. This experience taught me to value myself and the people I love. Sometimes that means an exotic holiday, and other times, it means wearing a one of a kind pearl jewellery that makes you feel like the goddess you are.



From the first sketch to the final design, we abide by the highest standards in Fine Pearl Jewellery production. Beyond the exceptional quality of each piece, our consideration and care is expressed in a profound commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable practice.

Personally Handpicked

Sustainably Cultivated

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Made in NZ

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