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No matter the distance between you, and the crystal blue ocean, the Pacific stays with you always. It flows through your veins, becoming one with you. But while life can take you out of the Pacific, life cannot take the Pacific out of you!  The pearl jewellery in our Identity Collection is the perfect companion to our pride as Pacific men and women. Pride in our people, and the place we call home. It is a time capsule filled with longing for the good and simple things we enjoyed growing up on the islands, sand between our toes, or foraging the land.

We used wave, flower, and comb motifs for the women's Tahitian pearl jewellery in this collection. Each motif represents the Pacific woman's natural beauty while paying homage to where she comes from.

Our first-ever men's pearl jewellery pieces are included in this collection, and we've used the sharks tooth, wave and spear motifs to celebrate the strength and courage of Pacific men while creating pieces that show pride in their tradition and heritage.

Forgetting who you are, or where you come from, is impossible when the Pacific is your home - or when your elders are close by! The rich tradition, the songs of laughter, and women at the market ring loud in your ear, like a soundtrack to your life's story. You have no other option than to dance to the beat of your own drum, and to embrace the rhythm of generations, and generations of fabulous men and women who have shown you what it means to live a full, grateful life. 

The Identity Collection by Shahana Jewels invites you to look inward and think about all the ways the Pacific has shaped your natural, uncomplicated beauty and courage. It signifies that you will always belong, and provides a beautiful way for you to stay connected to your deep-rooted Pacific heritage or share it with others. 

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