Collection: Tapa Collection

Introducing a pearl jewellery collection that captures the essence of the beloved Polynesian Tapa cloth.

Tapa cloth (or simply tapa) is a bark cloth made in the islands of the Pacific Ocean, primarily in Tonga, Samoa and Fiji, but as far afield as Niue! Tapa cloth is used for both functional and ceremonial purposes and the cloth has played important roles in weddings, funerals and events associated with royalty.

Inspired by Tapa, I wanted to create a collection that reminds you, the wearer, to treasure the woman you have worked so hard to become.

Because for me personally, tapa represents treating yourself like royalty. When you know how special and significant you truly are, you walk and speak differently, not because you are perfect, but because you know your worth.

For this collection, I used white and dark blue enamel and gold raised Tapa embellishments to give a 3D effect that will make any outfit pop in true Polynesian style.

You will love the Tapa Collection if you like to dress how you want to be addressed, or if you’re looking for a special heirloom to pass down in your family or celebrate a girlfriend with a traditional gift that has a modern twist. 

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