My husband thinks I’m too old to use the phrase “girl power”
but... that’s what Shahana Jewels is all about!

It's pink...with life experience!

Be inspired to follow your dreams, put yourself first and live a life with no regrets
- surrounded by women who know your struggles and your passion for jewellery!

Nobody should pay the price for the jewellery we wear
- unless they’re buying it for us!

Shahana Jewels is ethically made in India by skilled artisans - 98% of whom are women.

Our factory is in Mumbia, India. The working conditions are fair, and there are opportunities for growth within the manufacturing company.
We are visiting Mumbia in September 2018 and can’t wait to share more about the incredible women who make our jewellery with love and passion.

If you could plan your future, what would it look like?

Write it down in our 90-day planner!

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Okay, maybe, give me two more minutes.

If there’s anything you take away from my story, my mom’s story - our brand story...let it be this:

You don’t have to live a life of regrets. Life is incredibly short

- so make incredible things happen.

Find your them hard

Your SJ sisters are waiting to welcome you!

Don’t leave in a hurry.

We’ve created a fun space for Shahana shoppers to bond over jewellery,
womanhood and video shoot bloopers.

(It’s me, I’m the one in the bloopers!)

We have pearl parties, share exclusive items and show behind the scenes footage
of grading our pearls, sorting our diamonds and working with precious gems.