Her soul is feminine. Her heart is brave. Her mind is strong. 

New KOA Collection








As for her, she works to make herself proud.

KOA 2 in 1 Pearl Necklace

You are feminine but strong, and your jewellery should reflect that. Our Koa pearl necklace features two 9mm pearls, a symbol of your inner strength, and the woman you’ve worked so hard to become. The fine stainless steel chain detail is simplistic enough for every day, so you never leave the house without a reminder that you are made for greatness.


From the first sketch to the final design, we abide by the highest standards in Fine Pearl Jewellery production. Beyond the exceptional quality of each piece, our consideration and care is expressed in a profound commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable practice.

Personally Handpicked

Sustainably Cultivated

Transparent Prices

Made in NZ


Whether you’ve planned out your year or not, or you’re too scared to put your big goals on paper, you have the inner strength to create the life you want. I created this collection of dainty and feminine jewellery to remind you that you can be brave, and strong and feminine all at once. Because girl, there is nothing more beautiful than when you embrace your femininity but never underestimate how powerful you are!

It’s time to step into your inner strength. It’s time to look your challenges in the eye and give them a wink because you’ve got this!!If you’re thinking about making some big changes, know that you have amazing potential inside of you and that better things are coming.