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Uniquely beautiful, like you.

Jewellery has power. Not as a status symbol or trend, but as something that makes you feel like your very best self.

Our unique, beautiful black pearl pieces are talismans – small bright spots that can make a huge difference to a busy day.

It may seem unimportant, but the truth is that feeling like the best version of you can impact on every part of your life. Choose simple pearl earrings on the school run and feel like yourself after a week of sleepless nights. Throw a drop necklace on over your t-shirt for the boost of confidence you need on a hard day. Wind a stunning strand of pearls onto your wrist as a lucky charm for your big presentation.

It’s not about showing off. It’s about looking like yourself, feeling confident and empowered, and doing your best, every single day.

A passion for pearls

The passion behind the Shahana brand comes from Shehana Kimiangatu. With Indian, Fijian and Chinese heritage, Shehana grew up surrounded by stunning jewellery. She saw her female relatives wearing gold, diamonds and yes, pearls, every day. They saw beautiful jewellery as an important part of life, and bought Shehana her own jewellery from a very young age.

That background is behind Shehana’s belief in the power of jewellery, and her passion for creating stunning pieces.

Beautiful pearls from a beautiful place

Shahana sources pearls from pristine Pacific Islands, and Manihiki is at the heart of the business.

A tiny atoll in the Cook Islands, Manihiki is home to just two hundred people, and has
been producing black pearls for generations. Almost everyone who lives there is involved in production in some way – they have pearl farming down to a fine art.

Shahana's focus on empowering women is reflected on Manihiki – the business works closely with a female farmer and technician, one of the few women in the Pacific with a leadership role in pearl production. Shahana also makes a point of supporting women in the community, which means doing things like sponsoring a young woman to train as a teacher in Rarotonga. As the business continues to grow, they will be looking for ways to help more young women follow their dreams.

Naturally unique, just like you

Because Manihiki pearls are produced in natural conditions, each one is unique in shape, colour, and size. Designer Shehana chooses each pearl based on its natural beauty, rather than using a traditional grading scale. The result? Individual, wearable pieces designed to showcase the natural beauty of the black pearl – and you.