We Designed Mastectomy Bras for Pinktober

Whether you are big, small, tall or short - I’m sure you’ve had your hang-ups and questioned your body and your beauty.

For breast cancer survivors, this body confidence journey becomes more complex during diagnosis, treatment and recovery, especially when they don’t have access to underwear and garments that accommodate their strong, changing bodies, and all they have been through.

Many women in the Pacific are left to figure this out on their own and suffer in silence while trying to live a normal life

This year, I said “no more”.

While I have always donated Tahitian pearl jewellery for Pinktober, I knew I needed to do something more practical, something that would directly help survivors feel more feminine and powerful as they heal and discover how powerful they truly are. 

And so the idea for mastectomy bras came about. I’m really happy with how they turned out, and can’t wait to hear from the women in Fiji, once they receive them.

Hopefully, these bras bring them the comfort and confidence they so rightfully deserve.

This year’s campaign is dedicated to one of our Pearl Queen’s in our Tribe, Niueni, who is no longer with us.  While I only knew her for a short time, she made an impact on my life through our funny and inspiring conversations. Please keep her family in your prayers and join us in celebrating the survivors and heroes whom we know, and don’t know, by wearing your pearls (or a pink ribbon) throughout the month. 

If you are one of the brave women who have walked a challenging road with cancer, I salute you, this month, and always.

PS. A portion of the proceeds from every Shahana Jewels sale goes toward cancer awareness. Thank you so much for your support.