As a designer, and hey, as a woman, I know that there are certain styles of jewellery, and even clothing, that flatter our bodies or features a little more than others. It’s why I wear big, bold jewellery, to be honest!

But working in the fashion industry, I have experienced first hand how easy it is to become a slave to trends or hide behind the items you decorate your
body with every day - whether that be makeup, hair colour or - jewellery!

I’ve always designed jewellery to celebrate personal style, it’s never about overpowering the person wearing it or taking away from the person’s inner beauty.
And while wearing Shahana Jewels definitely puts a spring in your step, confidence is definitely an inside job!


This year, I challenged myself to create a pearl collection that really places the focus back on you. There’s no hiding behind the pieces in this collection or drowning in the pretty designs!

You will see that this collection is very modest, and classic while still holding onto that Shahana style you love so much. I am obsessed with details, so details there are, but this time I wanted to present some designs that make an understated statement. Designs that make you hold your head up and walk proudly. Designs that make you smile from the inside, and put your best foot forward. Designs that don’t require you to do too much in the morning or dress up if you don’t feel like it.

Designs that are oddly calming - a symbol of deep personal work, not just another style manifesto. This pearl collection showcases one of my favourite shapes, and I cannot wait to reveal it all in July 2019!!

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Nidhi Patel