• What's your favourite gemstone?

    I have worked with gemstones for over 4 years now, and being fascinated with them all my life. I am often asked what my favourite gemstones are...

    Posted by Shehana Kimiangatau
  • How women at every age feel about pearls

    Who wouldn’t gasp in surprise at opening a present to find a gorgeous pearl necklace inside, or maybe a pearl ring? Pearls are amazing and always an appropriate gift for any occasion, and for any woman, whether she’s a young woman just starting out in life, or a beloved grandma who’s seen it all...

    Posted by Shehana Kimiangatau
  • Caring for your pearls at home


    Enjoy your pearls! They are true living jewels, but there are a few things you need to know to ensure your pearl remains bright and beautiful so that you can wear them for generations to come. 

    Posted by Shehana Kimiangatau
  • What's your Pearl Personality?

    We’ve created a personality quiz just like the ones in the magazines that tell you what kind of friend you are or the ones that tell you what colour best suits you.

    Today, we are going to determine which pearl personality you belong too!

    Posted by Shehana Kimiangatau
  • How to choose the perfect earrings for your face shape

    Have you ever tried on a pair of earrings and wondered if they really suited you? 
    There are many factors to take into account when choosing which jewellery to wear and your face is one of them...

    Posted by Shehana Kimiangatau