Royal Earrings With Ellen

There is always a buzz in the air whenever a Royal Wedding is announced. This year, we were lucky enough to design a custom-made pair of earrings to be worn at the wedding of Meghan and Harry. We check in with Ellen, who had the earrings made for the occasion and see what made Shahana Jewels the perfect royal choice.
What made you choose Shahana Jewels?

I chose Shahana Jewels as I have been following you from the very beginning and have loved your designs. I didn’t bother looking elsewhere. I knew you’d be able to guide me in choosing something that fitted such a grand occasion. It was important for me to wear an accessory that had a touch of the Pacific. I feel your jewellery does just that while adding the element of luxury and elegance.

Did you have an idea in mind of what you wanted your earrings to look like?
No! I did not have any idea but I knew you would come up with something fabulous. And you did, with not 1 but 4 different yet amazing designs to choose from. We discussed the dress and hat I had decided on at the time. Little did I know, that 1 week before the wedding, that I would change my mind and go for a completely different dress and hat. The fab thing was the earrings complimented my new outfit to a T!


What was your first thought when you saw the earrings? How did you feel?
It was love at first sight! It was stunning and I put them on right away. The hubby also commented on how beautiful they were and he is not one to notice when I’ve purchased new jewelry. I could not wait to wear them on the actual day.

How did you feel being among the 600 guests and being the only Fijian attending the Royal wedding? What was it like?
It was indeed an honor to be invited alongside my husband. To be able to be there to witness the 6th in line to the throne get married was somewhat surreal. The atmosphere in and around the church was definitely full of excitement and love. An occasion that I will forever cherish.


Did you receive any compliments on your earrings at the wedding? 
Yes, I got lots of compliments.

How do you feel about the earrings now? Have you worn them again?
The earrings hold so much significance. Not only because it was made by such a talented designer, but because of the special occasion that it was worn. It will definitely be kept within the family and passed down to my daughter.

Shehana Kimiangatau