Custom Jewellery in NZ

If we could be Oprah for a day, we would give every woman a chance to design and wear custom-made jewellery. There's just something about custom handmade-for-you jewellery that screams romance, luxury and love.

Our custom handmade jewellery leaves our studio within 8-10 weeks, design dependant. It’s like waiting for Christmas or a birthday - absolutely worth it.

Be the guru

You're the guru and it's time to call the shots. If you've been dying to put your special touch on a Shahana Jewels original, now's your chance. We make modifications to some of our best designs to suit you perfectly. 

 No tears from the designer, promise!

Get what you want

How many amazing outfits have you given up on because you couldn't find them in store? No more of that, please! 

Your style philosophy is important (and amazing) and you can get what you want - from life, and jewellery! Describe your dream item and we will design it for you. 

 Life is full of compromises, but this is not one of them!

Raise your glass

Congratulations of your upcoming celebration. These are life's precious moments - and time goes by so fast!Create a symbol which will stay with you or your loved one forever. 

 P.S. This is a guy-friendly zone, we walk you through your custom design from top to bottom, in a way that's easy to understand and hard to mess up.

 PSS. Don't know your lady's ring size? We'll show you how to play detective!

Ready to start the process? Click here to fill out our custom jewellery form to get the ball rolling!