How Women At Every Age Feel About Pearls

Who wouldn’t gasp in surprise at opening a present to find a gorgeous pearl necklace inside, or maybe a pearl ring? Pearls are amazing and always an appropriate gift for any occasion, and for any woman, whether she’s a young woman just starting out in life, or a beloved grandma who’s seen it all.

But just as every stage in a woman’s life brings new and different experiences, the gift of pearls means something different during each stage too. Depending on who the giver is, what is going on in the woman’s life at the time, and how old she is, the meaning of pearls can vary widely from person to person. 



As a young girl, receiving a gift of pearls is like a dream come true. What little girl doesn’t dream of dressing up like a princess and looking beautiful? And pearls have that undeniably timeless fairy tale style. She may get a pearl necklace as a gift, to wear as a flower girl in a relative’s wedding, or maybe a little pearl bracelet, to wear on a holiday with her fancy new dress. In any case, she’s sure to love and treasure her jewellery.

Receiving pearls as a special gift from Mum or Dad will make them even more precious and meaningful to her, and as she grows up, she’ll treasure them all the more for the memories.



Maybe it’s a pearl ring to wear to her graduation, from her dad. Or perhaps it's a pair of earrings from her mum on her prom night. Regardless of what the occasion is, and which of her parents gives them to her, it’s sure to be an emotional moment when she opens her present.

Giving pearls to a young adult has an entirely different meaning than it does for a little girl. It’s a symbol of her approaching adulthood, a sign that she’s growing up, and deserves recognition for passing significant milestones. She can wear them to those memorable events, and imbue them with even more emotion so that as the years pass, those exciting days will come back to her every time she puts those pearls on.




As an adult, there are so many occasions where the gift of pearls can add that extra touch. From weddings and new babies to birthdays and anniversaries, husbands, relatives, and friends can’t go wrong when gifting a woman pearls.

The occasion they are given on will be remembered fondly forever, each time a woman takes those pearls out to admire them. And the wonderful thing about pearls is that once that woman has daughters and granddaughters of her own, she can pass those precious pearls down to them, to preserve her memories for another generation, and to continue the cycle of giving – and all through the beauty and magic of pearls.


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Shehana Kimiangatau