Caring For Your Pearls At Home

"Pearls want to be worn" there is a saying – and it’s true!

Enjoy your pearls! They are true living jewels, but there are a few things you need to know to ensure your pearl remains bright and beautiful so that you can wear them for generations to come. 


1. Keep them gunk-free. 

Cosmetics, sunblock, perfume and hairspray can dramatically dull the luster, as can your body oils and perspiration. 

Wait at least 30 minutes after applying any products before you put your pearls on.


2. Always take them off before getting ready for bed.

Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. 




3. Gently wipe your pearls

Use a damp soft cloth or you can dab a drop of water on them to clean them. Do not soak your pearl jewellery in water. Water can cause the silk thread used to join strings of pearls to stretch or develop mildew if not dried completely.  Water can also loosen the glue that attaches your pearl to your ring, earrings, bracelet and pendant that's why it is important to take these off every time you have a shower or swimming.




4. Store them right

Keep your pearls in a soft-cloth pouch or soft-lined jewellery box. 

Beware: an airtight environment, such as a zip-lock bag, can cause them to become brittle. Keep pearls separated from hard jewellery items (metal, diamonds and gemstones) to avoid scratches. 



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Shehana Kimiangatau