What's your Pearl Personality?

We’ve created a personality quiz just like the ones in the magazines that tell you what kind of friend you are or the ones that tell you what colour best suits you.

Today, we are going to determine which pearl personality you belong too!

The pearl jewellery you wear reveals a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Let’s look at which pearls suit you best.



You love taking risks when it comes to jewellery and love mixing it up with your pearls. You are an original and love exploring new options. You tend to choose pearls that have a distinct flare. Instead of wearing a strand, you will choose a piece that has colourful stones that make the pearls pop. You love expressing your individuality. No matter what you wear your creative personality will always shine through.



You love what you do and put your heart and soul into your work. Your professionalism and dedication shows in your high quality work. For you, the perfect pearls add to your outfit as a whole without drawing too much attention. A classic strand or simple pair of pearl earrings completes your outfit.



You are confident and unpretentious. You have always known what you’ve wanted and have never been afraid to go for it. You love statement pieces that draws attention as soon as you walk into the room. You appreciate quality and want to adorn yourself with only the best too. The perfect pearls for you would be a thick chunky choker with pearl.





You’re a minimalist and have a more chilled personality. You love spending time with family and friends and are a no-fuss kinda girl. The perfect pearls for you are simple like your lifestyle. You would be happy wearing a  textured mesh bracelet with pearls with your jeans and t-shirt. 


Now that you've found your pearl personality, read this blog post to find out how to choose the perfect pearls for your face shape!

Shehana Kimiangatau