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As a young girl, receiving a gift of pearls is like a dream come true. What little girl doesn’t dream of dressing up like a princess and looking beautiful? And pearls have that undeniably timeless fairy tale style.She may get a pearl necklace as a gift, to wear as a flower girl in a relative’s wedding, or maybe a little pearl bracelet, to wear on a holiday with her fancy new dress. In any case, she’s sure to love and treasure her jewellery.

Tahitian pearls can display an amazing range of overtones (especially the circle and baroque shapes).This is why I tend to personally wear more of these shapes. Tahitian pearls will have a dark green body color and peacock (think oil slick) overtones are usually the most expensive.

Regardless of whether it's for business or pleasure, most of us have to travel. Personally, I have travelled for years and have learnt the tricks on how to store jewellery. I use pouches for my expensive pieces and ziplock bags for not so expensive pieces and using this method has seen my pieces last for a long time. 

As some of you may or may not know, my story is deeply linked to my mum’s story. She passed away from cancer when she was 42. Back then the doctors in Fiji couldn’t adequately diagnose her. Whilst I was grieving I wished that she had had the chance to do more of the things that she loved. It was her passing that set me on the journey I am still on today; and how Shahana Jewels came to be.

Cosmetics, sunblock, perfume and hairspray can dramatically dull the luster, as can your body oils and perspiration. 

Wait at least 30 minutes after applying any products before you put your pearls on.

You love taking risks when it comes to jewellery and love mixing it up with your pearls. You are an original and love exploring new options. You tend to choose pearls that have a distinct flare. Instead of wearing a strand, you will choose a piece that has colourful stones that make the pearls pop. You love expressing your individuality. No matter what you wear your creative personality will always shine through.

Each face shape has it's own unique features and characters and jewellery should be used to accentuate the great attributes of your face. Here are some tips on styles of jewellery that would suit your face based on your face shape.

There is always a buzz in the air whenever a Royal Wedding is announced. This year, we were lucky enough to design a custom-made pair of earrings to be worn at the wedding of Meghan and Harry. We check in with Ellen, who had the earrings made for the occasion and see what made Shahana Jewels the perfect royal choice.

Silver is one of the most popular metals used because it is perfect for office wear or everyday wear.  But even then, many think twice before buying it purely because of its ability to get tarnished easily - often developing into a, not so pretty black coat.

The good news is, that tarnish on your silver pieces is not permanent and when removed it can look as good as new. So don’t let the threat of tarnish stop you from buying beautiful pieces of silver jewellery. Here are five tips that will help you prevent your silver from tarnishing and what to do if it does.

Youth and pregnancy are to be happy times for women just like you and me. And while Breast Cancer affects everyone: brothers, husbands, fathers, children, friends, us ladies have a unique opportunity to support the cause by doing something we love - shopping!I’m so proud and excited to collaborate with the Fiji Cancer Society for Pinktober.

It’s likely we each know someone who has faced or been affected by Cancer. Maybe you are that brave person who has walked a challenging road with Cancer. I lost my Mother to Nasopharyngeal Cancer at a time when Cancer was unheard of in Fiji. The doctors didn’t really know what was wrong with her. It wasn’t until she had a check-up in New Zealand did she get correctly diagnosed.

For breast cancer survivors, this body confidence journey becomes more complex during diagnosis, treatment and recovery, especially when they don’t have access to underwear and garments that accommodate their strong, changing bodies, and all they have been through.

We are based in Auckland and currently sell wholesale, direct to customers online, and custom design orders. I’ve always had family and friends call me Shahana (so weird) and it just kinda stayed. Shahana also means queen, so it felt right for a jewellery business.

It's been the gossip on everyone’s lips since they announced their engagement and nothing quite gets people excited like a Royal wedding. Everyone from heads of state to pro athletes like Serena Williams to A-list celebrities like Victoria and David Beckham have been invited. Including a very special guest that we designed a pair of earrings for.